Hi. I am Sara Oyela (pronounced oh-yay-lah). I write poetry and other stuff, too, And, I teach, and do all kinds of random handywork.

Currently, I live in metro-Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband and our four children. The neighborhood we live in is fairly wooded, and we have a forest backdrop, and a snaking stream, behind our house. It often feels and looks like we live on an acre-ed, wooded lot of land, but we don’t. We have multiple rose bushes that came with the house when we bought it, and I enjoy them. Also, I am grateful for my husband for cultivating the land we do have, and growing things like turmeric, kale, lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, and various other vegetables.

Hopes and Goals

This website is always changing, as am I and all of us. But primarily, this has been a platform from which I endeavor to point to Jesus Christ through my writing and other artistic expressions. If you are visiting this site, it is likely because of my writing. Or, you could be visiting because of the Mind Stayed Series. For whatever reason you are visiting, my highest hope is that I can point you to the reality and beauty of God.

For more info about me and my goals, please check out my About page.

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Scenes from Around the Oye House; Spring 2023

Youngest helps model the new pergola bench
The calm and beauty after a scary storm.
New bird feeder and learning to be a birdwatcher
Sunrise at work, the week before DST
Showing off our Nigerian-ness at International night at the high school
Middle child #2 is caught reading in bed.
Getting the ground ready