His Back Will Carry Me

There are moments when
I feel ready to fly away from
the tyranny of human systems and
the tyranny of my body
the tyranny of this seen universe.

My mind wonders about and
my soul longs for
greater beauty and knowledge and
the pure system of Jesus Christ
the Kingdom of God
which I am convinced is
new every morning, so to speak,
if there are mornings there

I am spent in my soul and
bored with the routine
that serves as only a shadow

The freedom of the wild
natural order calls me but
is not quite enough and
I am constrained

A Phantom of holy and beautiful
proportion lingers just beside me and
I can only grasp the glory that will
help me in this system
that will carry me through and
bring a hint of His glory here

I can only see His back

I can only see His back and
at moments it is my soul’s anguish

But it is His back that will carry me
to completion until the day of His full glory

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