Love Seat on the Front Porch

I come out here to get away, and sit
in the quiet noises of the neighborhood –
lawn mowers, power tools, birds, barking,
and greetings of power walkers on the road –
or the muffled sound of the kids fighting inside

I come out here to sit in the warmth
of the sun and unconditioned outdoor air,
to read, take a 10 minute power nap,
or, in winter, wrapped in bathrobe, to warm
myself while my face absorbs vitamin D

I come out here to sit, drink hot, black,
dark-roasted, organic coffee, and talk it all out with you.
All out. Or, at least the stuff that’s most imminent
in my mind. And, because you’re real, you care, and
you’re powerful, I know you can, and will, handle all this.

And I love you.

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