Monday to Friday Grace

Honestly? I ain’t gonna lie… it was
tough getting out of bed
on Monday and Tuesday – alarm
clock set for 4 AM, I hit snooze
for about an hour because
I just didn’t want to come.
Both days, I lay there, struggling
and praying for grace, and both
days, once I finally got up and got
moving and got into the class, grace

And I’ve been trying to live
by Karen’s sage advice every day…
“You gotta fake it ’til you make it!”, which
turns out is actually solid, research-based,
best practice for behavior management.
On Wednesday and Thursday, I don’t
know what got me out of bed and into
the class – I think it was the “make it” part
coming to pass from the “Fake it
’til you make it” and real joy had come.
My fake joy brought me positive feedback
from the students, which put sparks in my

On Friday what got me out of bed was
Josh Garrels dropped his new album.

All this to say that, it was a great first week.

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