Time for Faith and Family – COVID-19 Quarantine Thoughts – March 17th

My thoughts from yesterday are not yet complete, but I’ll move on from them and work out some other thoughts that have been going through my mind. This is just to show to my students (and to myself) that it’s okay to have unfinished writing, or half-ideas laying around that I can go back to later and edit and finish.

I have to admit that I, personally, am enjoying these digital learning days. No, I am not enjoying the fact that we have to do this because there is an ominous threat of sickness and death looming in the atmosphere, and that many people have died. No, I am not enjoying the fact that many people are isolated from the comfort of loved ones. Honestly, and I am just being real, I am mostly enjoying it because it is a time that I can get away from the pressures of an often unsympathetic, impatient, and unloving system.

Another reason I am enjoying it is because it is allowing me time to slow down, and as I sort of wrote about in my thoughts yesterday, take time to spend with God and allow him to get into my soul, and then to extend love and faith to my family. Yesterday after the whole digital learning day was over, I played a card game with my daughter. (She won after two rounds.) And later, a rare thing happened in which I actually sat down with three of four of the kids and we watched a Netflix show together. (If you are wondering, it’s called Free Rein, I think. It’s about an American teenager visiting Britain and she gets involved in some nearby horse stables.)

So, for the very simple fact that I get to get away from unfriendliness (including the unfriendliness of COVID-19), and that I get to spend time in the friendliness of God and my family, I am grateful for these digital learning days.

There is nothing like the friendliness of God. God is so friendly, and his friendliness is demonstrated in Jesus Christ. Over the years, I have experienced the friendliness of Jesus Christ when I have isolated myself – socially distanced myself – and, in faith, cried out to and prayed to a spiritual being… an invisible God. And as I have done this, I have experienced things that have proven to me that he is real, friendly – loving beyond human understanding – and that his greatest act of love is Jesus Christ. And today, I continue to experience his friendliness as I read the Bible and see his character.

This morning, for example, I read the above highlighted in blue. And I can only marvel at how good and loving and caring God is. My thoughts are that… God is a healer. He desires for us to be healthy and well. And I am compelled to pray for healing, and keep on praying for healing. Also, that… God desires us to be healthy and whole in our souls – free from sin and confusion – and reconciled to him and healthy in our relationship with him. And I am compelled to pray for healing of soul and spirit, too. To pray, and keep on praying.

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