What I Will Teach My Girls

It is good to be a woman.
I will tell it to you again:
It is good to be a woman.

Softer voice – fluty, soprano 
distinctness cuts through darkened mind.

Strong voice crumbles flint-faced, war-set 
stubbornness to break down and cry. 

Lively voice jolts a dejected 
runner to pick pace, run to finish line.

Mom’s voice spoke up in defense when
the accuser cut down with lies.

Mom’s voice cheered loudly in the stands
to remind the athlete she’s by her side 

It is good to be a woman.
We need to hear it more and more:
it is good to be a woman.

Soft, sinuous body – vine-like, 
curving, coiling her way to life.

Warm body enfolding anxious,
growing, in-need-of-healing mind.

Solid body thwarting punches
until fury fails and fades to quiet.  

My sister, Liana, a vine, 
adorned my heart with her smile.

My sister taught me to Swing,
bringing my stiff mind and body to life.

It is good to be a woman.
Will you help me say it out loud?
Yes: it’s good to be a woman.