If Hypocrisy is Driving You Away from Church

Teachers, pastors, prophets, apostles, evangelists, all you church leaders (myself included), beware of yourselves. Your job is not easy and people are looking up to you and expecting you to be perfect. Sometimes they can’t discern that you’re a human just like them and they put you at a standard way higher than themselves. They will call you a hypocrite, and it’s true, you are a hypocrite. We can all be hypocrites. They can be hypocrites, too.

And you disciples of Christ and members of the church who don’t necessarily have a title in the church, beware of the hypocrisy of church leaders, and even your own hypocrisy.

See, the thing is, is that church leaders have to say to people that they have to live a certain way, and they will struggle to do it themselves. And the whole point is this: don’t be waylaid or discouraged or put off by their hypocrisy.

Don’t let hypocrisy put bad thoughts in your mind about them – they are humans. Likely, if you are in their position, others will also see your own hypocrisy. None of us are immune to hypocrisy.

The point, is don’t let hypocrisy control you and take over your whole soul. Hypocrisy will always be in leaders and will always be in you. Don’t let hypocrisy – from leaders, others, or yourself – consume your mind and your attitude and your thoughts. Let Christ consume your thoughts. Look to Christ always. Don’t let hypocrisy stop you from being a part of the church, and doing your part in the church, and receiving the blessing from others in the church. Don’t let hypocrisy consume you and take over your whole being.

Be consumed by the Holy Spirit and allow him to take over your whole being.

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