I Need Safety

Do not fear for your life – do not fear human beings who can take your life. Not just because they have no power to take your soul, but because God, your heavenly father, who is a protector beyond your earthly father and mother, cares for every miniscule detail of your life.

Look, you think God doesn’t care about your physical body and safety? You think this passage here is much more about finding comfort that a human being may be able to take your body, but at least can’t take your soul?

I mean, yes, it’s about that. But it’s much more about how God cares for your physical safety and body. I mean, come on, if God cares about mere birds – and he really cares about them, and not one sparrow is “forgotten before God”, then it means that he really cares about your physical safety. He really cares for your body. He does.

He cares even about every single hair on your head and knows how many are there, and how many drop from your head everyday that you don’t think about, and that you eventually, a week or so later, sweep up in a tangle with other hairs, and dump into the trash.

If God thinks about and knows about those hairs, how much more does he think about and care about you? How much more does he care for your safety? How much more is he your protector? If God has the capacity to care about every single hair on every single soul on planet earth, how much more capacity does he have to care about your safety and body? And how much more DOES he care about your body and soul?

Of course, you want to be smart and stay out of trouble and not be proud, thinking that you can just do anything and go anywhere and act anyhow. (You can’t, believer, just be going around to sin-coves and thinking God is with you and you’ll be fine.)

And, when you’re going around your every day, Godly business, you’ve got to keep in mind that something could happen to you. But then you’ve got to bring those things and fears in your mind to God, and remind him and yourself that he is your protector, and that he cares for your physical safety and body. (I mean, look, God, at what you said in Luke 12:4-7!!!) And then you’ve got to carry on in peace for the rest of the day (or until some crazed fear comes back into your brain again) knowing that God is your protector.

(And if the crazed fear does come back into your brain again, then go through the above “steps” again and again, until you know it in your soul and can go in peace.)

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