How to Fight for God’s Dreams and Goals for Your Life

She had a dream. (No, like, a literal dream, while she slept.)

In the dream, she was giving birth – was about to give birth – and there was a man there to help her deliver the baby.

When she awoke from the dream, she knew this was a spiritual birth. She would give birth to something spiritual. She would give birth to something that would help others to be born anew into life with God. And the man, she understood, would be her husband. Her future husband would help her with whatever this spiritual birth was.

Later, when her husband proved to be stubborn and planned to put her away, and when all the rest of the world seemed to be against her, accused her of being a rebel, being crazy, and just outright abandoned her and left her in the cold, she held fast to Christ. She clung to God and his word and his promises.

She knew that when God puts a dream in your life, by the Holy Spirit – a dream, for your life with Christ, for your marriage, for your children, for your family, for your career, for your neighbors, for your health – she knew that when he puts these dreams in your life, that he pushes them through to actualization. When a dream, a vision, is actually from God, he will see it through.

And she didn’t doubt it for one minute that God’s dream and vision for her life was success in his will – success in his ways. She didn’t doubt it, and she knew she had to fight for it.

She learned to fight for it by letting God fight for her, while she remained calm. God reminded her, “The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” (Exodus 14:14).

Which didn’t mean that she never said anything, never did anything, never talked to others, never got help, never prayed with others and never had others pray. She just learned how to do it all calmly, and by the leading of the Holy Spirt. Which sometimes did mean that she didn’t do or say anything, but allowed space for the Holy Spirit to work in other ways.

And eventually her husband did come around, (and other people in her life came around, too) and success budded and began to bloom.

And this all by way of God’s work and his fighting for her – fighting for his dream – and fighting for everyone’s success, so that they could all know him as Jesus Christ, the God who saves from sins, and makes them new and alive in him.

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