The Certainty of God’s Promise

Beautiful thoughts and reminders from Heather Broughman and the Dreamer Collaborative.

Dreamer Collaborative © 2021 Heather Broughman

Written by Heather Broughman

For those of us that are holding onto God’s promises, I pray that your hope is stirred today! And that in reading this you would be filled with fresh AWE + WONDER over the heart of God for His people, including me and YOU!!! (This is an excerpt from my book of a chapter titled, “Hope Against Hope.”)

I can only imagine how foolish Abraham must have felt in his old age still carrying around this promise from the Lord that he would be the father of Nations . Although he had an illegitimate child named Ishmael, his wife Sarah had not yet borne him a child. I wonder if throughout the years he, like so many of us, had shared with his friends and family about the promises that the Lord had made him. Had he told all of them that the Lord was…

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