Christ Moves into the Depths of Our Darkness and Heals Us

In my flesh, anyone or anything that looks a mess to me, is the person or the place I stay far away from. I don’t want to have anything to do with someone or someplace that I don’t understand. Thank you very much, I’ll stay within my comfort zone.

And to continue honestly, I’m pretty sure that if I met myself at a forced social event, that I wouldn’t continue to fellowship with me. I’m so awkward and awkward and awkward, and I wouldn’t have a desire to spend much time with me.

But Christ is not like me. Christ lives in the Spirit, and actually, while on earth, moved out of his comfort zone and went to live and minister in the territory of Zebulun and Naphtali, which was a depraved and dark place by the standards of the religious people of that time and place. Probably there were all kinds of awkward and awkward and awkward people living in that place. And not just people who were physically awkward, but socially, mentally, and spiritually awkward, too. Christ moved from his comfort zone of Nazareth and spent the rest of his years in this awkward and dark region, in order to bring his light, healing, word, goodness, joy, peace, life, etc.

And, if we would allow him, Christ would like to move into the darkest and most awkward places of our lives, too, for a prolonged amount of time (actually, for the rest of our lives) in order to bring his light, healing, word, goodness, joy, peace, life, etc. Christ doesn’t shy away from us or reject us when he encounters us and our awkwardness and darkness. He doesn’t get tired of us and run away and give up on us. Christ pursues us our whole life long. He pursues us so that he can get inside of us and change us and heal us on the inside. There’s not a mental health therapist or friend who can get into the depths of us like Christ can. In fact, the therapist? We’re going to have to keep on paying the therapist. And the friend? Will likely get tired and won’t be able to be there for us at all times. But Christ, he’s there for us all the time and in our darkest, darkest places, too. (There is definitely a place for therapists and friends and pastors, don’t get me wrong.)

The problem is with us though, honestly. We don’t want to take the time to find out if Christ is real and if the Holy Spirit does really come and live in us. It’s difficult to keep our minds on an invisible reality. It’s difficult to observe and worship and meditate on Christ in the Word – in the Bible. It’s difficult to put our minds to prayer. It’s difficult to spend time alone with Christ and our thoughts. It’s difficult to quiet ourselves and wait on God. It’s difficult, but it’s not impossible. It’s difficult, but it’s necessary if we really want the darkness in our lives to be chased out.

3 responses to “Christ Moves into the Depths of Our Darkness and Heals Us”

  1. Amen!!! I am so thankful, yet so unworthy, that God wants to get in and change me. I need him to do his will, his way. Our Pastor shared a quote by Jim Elliot today. “God always gives the best gifts to those who leave the choice to him.” I want his best and I want to be his best.

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