Divine Nature – Sonnet X – Insisting on Roses

Well, hello friends. It’s been awhile since I written and shared a divine nature sonnet. I’ve actually been writing on this one for awhile, but have not had good mental circumstances to finish it until now. In fact, what should have given me a good mindset was the writer’s conference that I attended at the beginning of the month. And while that was very useful to get me to focus on writing a particular book idea that I’m working on, and was good for connecting me with other writers, it kind of stalled my mind on this series a bit. But, never fear! God willing, I am not done with this series just yet.

My two new writer friends – on the left, songwriter and poet Tiffany Meyer and on the right, C.E. White, writer of five books, including two middle grade fantasies, a children’s picture book, and two non-fiction books for adults.

I hope you will enjoy this newest sonnet, which I believe is pretty simple and straight forward in its message, and needs no further explanation. (If you ARE struggling with anything in this sonnet, please feel free to send me a message and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Or if you’d just like to connect with me, I’m open for that, too. You can do so via Instagram, Facebook or email.)

Roses grow in every major corner
  of our yard – God planted them just for me.
  (A skeptic mocked this notion – no longer
  are we friends on Facebook.) It seems silly,
but, that is what I imagined, you see,
  because I believe I am God’s favorite,
  and so are you. He knew eventually
  I’d move to this house, so the resident
before, probably driven by omen,
  planted these roses for the Rose – the One - 
  (that’s me) who would stubbornly insist on
  the usefulness of beauty for vision.
Beauty in the mind’s eye drives us to live -
  it helps us to see who God really is.

Thanks so much to all of you who have subscribed, and have been reading my sonnets, and recommending them to others! It encourages me a lot and challenges me to continue on.

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