Divine Nature – Sonnet XIV – Clouds Wept

It’s been a hard week.

Have you felt it, too? The low-grade ache at the thought of over 50,000 people gone, in another part of the world where it’s none of my business?

Or maybe it’s been something close to home? The unexpected passing of community members or loved ones?

It’s okay to take time to weep. And it’s okay to feel the ache with others and make space for grief.

Make space for grief.

Rain is in the forecast. Gray skies line my
   heart’s interior. And I don’t mind right now.
   Let the clouds weep, the grieving tears fall down
   and mingle with the world’s grief and the cries
of a sister whose brother’s body lies
   cold. “Son of Man, if you had been around
   they wouldn’t have died.” I pray, with fists, pound
   the chest of God. The Living One sees, tries
to help me to see, too, that they will rise.
   But I can’t see, and I can’t help but weep.
   He sees, then, and he’s troubled, is touched deep.
He stops. His word floods his mind. And, he cries
   with those who cry. Rain pours and I slump down
   in chair, let restoring tears fall to ground.   

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