Divine Nature – Sonnet XV – Tarrying for Birds

Project FeederWatch is well, well underway. I joined-in late, apparently.

But, I joined. It was because of Cornell University’s orinthology department’s marketing strategy. They hooked me through their Merlin bird identification app. I started using it last summer when these naturalist inclinations inside of me could not be stiffled anymore, and after my friend introduced me to the app. I downloaded it and created an account and started using it. And, of course, if you create an account, the organization gets your email address and, if you’re a sucker for nature and wildlife conservation, like me, you agree to allow them to send you marketing emails.

So, yes, I paid 17 or so dollars to join the organization in watching and counting birds this year. Not only did I pay to join the club, but I also bought a platform bird feeder, and bird food. And, I paid my own body’s energy to move the unused hook hanger from the backyard and install it close to my pergola, so that I could nestle inside there and watch the birds up close-ish. (I will add that I also created a bench for my pergola, but that wasn’t necessarily for Project FeederWatch.)

Anywho, I have not regretted in making a space for all of this, and paying time, money and energy, as it has filled my attention and life with a new, different kind of energy and life.

My pergola setup.
Bench, made of pine logs and warehouse pallet.
Cardinal in the trees. It’s been difficult to get a photo of birds at the feeder.
Sacrificing time, money, energy,
   I set aside a space for you to come.
   In morning, afternoon, I place my bum
   on bench under pergola and tarry.
It is weekend, so, I do not hurry
   though I do notice I tend to succumb
   to my impatience, and demands from home.
   I realize, too, my closeness is scary.
But, when dust settles, and I’m, at last, still,
   wings flutter and you alight on feeder.
   Tufted Titmouse, Mourning Dove and Bluebird
Cardinal, Towhee, Sparrow, this space you fill
   with your music, colors, and dancing hop
   that reach into soul and fill to the top.

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