Eyes Up

The series begins with a simple poem that is kind of a metaphor for the series.

Hi readers! I am pleased to present you this poem that I wrote – kind of on a whim in June of 2022 – as the first metaphor in this new series. I tapped this poem out into a Microsoft Sticky Note on my phone, and then a day later created an IG Reel with it, using a piano composition by Hans Hernandez.

In this poem, there are allusions to at least two places in the Bible. The poem also addresses a popular cultural saying. Check back here on Friday evening to find out what allusions I, the author, thought of, and for more of my insights about the piece. Before Friday, you will have a chance to share your thoughts on the piece in the chat, and also test your knowledge of, and challenge yourself to dig into, the Bible.

Thanks for reading and following along! We are excited you are here.

I keep my eyes up,
up in the clouds,
up in the sky,
up in the trees,
up at the various avian
perched on the wires,
as much as possible.

Obvs, I can’t when I’m
driving, and so oldest daughter...

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