Hello, I am Sara Oyela. I write poetry. And other things, too.

Sara Oyela is actually a pen name that is a combination of my maiden and married names. Currently, I live in Georgia with my husband and our four children, and that’s what I’m doing a lot of right now… raising up children. My husband and I work together to raise up our own kids, and then I also, with the help of other subject teachers and school personnel, help to raise up children through the public school system. Specicifically, I am helping teenagers improve their English language arts skills.

In my free time, I do like to write, and I also read, run, hike, enjoy and study the surrounding flora and fauna, drink coffee and try to take my kids on as many local and out-of-town trips that time and money can afford me. I am particular about a few things: coffee, literature, and shoes.

Shoes, specifically, are a big deal to me because I used to wear just any old shoe, but I realized sometime in my early to mid thirties that that wasn’t working anymore and was causing great pain in my feet. I decided then that I would wear better shoes, even if it meant more expensive, so that later in life I wouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on foot surgery, or something.

Thanks for stopping by my website and taking the time to read this stuff about me. If you’d like to connect with me, feel free by getting in touch via email or IG, which you can find below.

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