Author: Sarosa Oyela

Eat, Drink, and Thrive

It is not enough for our inner life – that is, our motivations, desires, thoughts – to be forgiven, purified, and clean. We must ask the Holy Spirit to fill us up, on the daily, in order to keep those devils away. Those devils are going come back. They’re going try to jump back in. And they will, if we’re empty. That’s why Jesus Christ called himself the Bread of Life, and the Holy Spirit the Living Water.

You’re Allowed to Express Your Emotions

On my first night at Olive Street, I took full advantage of the closet. Earlier that day, my new housemates had given me the tour of the little blue, shotgun style house in Evansville, Indiana, and the tour had included the closet. The girls had prayed over it, and the entire house, before moving in. On the wall of each side of the opening of the closet – which had no door and opened up to the space that was given to me as a bed “room” – Katie had placed her oil coated hands for anointing. “Look here,” they had pointed, with clever smiles and proud excitement, to the handprints that her hands had left. “See the hole in the middle of the palm print?!” They didn’t say it, but I understood why they were pointing that out. They were excited because it had looked like Christ’s nail-pierced hands, and they had specifically prayed and anointed this closet to be a prayer closet – a place to meet and talk with Jesus Christ. On …

Blue is the Apple of My Eye

Dear blue, cool to my eye,
painting the sky:
You make me want to fly
in a Boeing 747 across the big blue
ocean to Sverige with the yellow cross
piercing through flying, waving blue.

My first car was blue. At 16, I
prophesied I’d have a blue car,
and that it’d be, instead of a Plymouth Horizon,
the type that Dad had bought Liana and Justin,
a Dodge Omni.
(O, yes, I had to be different.)

Dear Gramma,

Well, this week passed with… some difficulty (because there will always be some level of difficulty in life), but God is our helper and he is getting us through. Actually, what I was going to write at first was “this week passed without a hitch”, but then I realized that it’s quite silly to say that because, as I wrote in parentheses, there will always be some level of difficulty in life. But, there was no major external, physical difficulty for me in my life this week – except for maybe getting out of bed while the owls are still hooting each day and heading to work.   I suppose the only other difficulty is that I have honestly been struggling to really connect with God this week. But, I just keep praying little, little prayers of feeble faith here and there (because all it takes is a mustard seed of faith), and I know God hears those, and I have noticed strength and motivation here and there. Last night and this morning, especially, when …

Dear Gramma,

Mom reminded me last week that it’s your birthday today, Sunday, January 17th. Happy Birthday! It was really good to see you and Grampa on Facetime last night during your birthday celebration. It was great to see everyone. I wish I could have jumped through the screen and teleported to Aunt Michelle’s living room to be there with you all. (Or at least spend more time online with you.) It’s always good spending time with everyone. I am especially longing for it lately. I’m tired of being socially distanced. Having the tendency to be introverted, I normally wouldn’t mind the social distance. But, this is too much. This introvert needs energy from others at times, and when I need it and it’s not freely available, it makes me realize that this pandemic has been having its way for too long. During the Fall semester in my classroom, there was a day when I went around to each of my in-person students to check on their work. In my closer-than-usual-in-a-pandemic interactions with them, and the energy …

I’m Going to Put in the Work

I am going to sore muscles, leg aches,worn down Brooks from pounding up and down my neighborhood streetson most days of the week in preparation for running a 5k in at least 30 minutes.It may or may not happen in February, during my school’s annualStampede in the Park that supports the cross country team.We’ll see. I’m going to put in the work. I’m going to my kitchen table, Dunkin’ Donuts,or my favorite seat on the firm couch, for Time To Writea letter to grandparents, a poem, a few paragraphs of my fairy tale, and spiritual encouragement, at least once a week for each of those.I’m going to growing my audience, because I just want to write, and for it to make a difference in someone’s life. I’m going to put in the work I’m going to consistent quiet mornings, and moments whenever I can,with black coffee nearby and Bible notebook in hand.I’m going to “Our Father in heaven… your kingdom come… give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts… and deliver …