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You’re Allowed to Express Your Emotions

On my first night at Olive Street, I took full advantage of the closet. Earlier that day, my new housemates had given me the tour of the little blue, shotgun style house in Evansville, Indiana, and the tour had included the closet. The girls had prayed over it, and the entire house, before moving in. On the wall of each side of the opening of the closet – which had no door and opened up to the space that was given to me as a bed “room” – Katie had placed her oil coated hands for anointing. “Look here,” they had pointed, with clever smiles and proud excitement, to the handprints that her hands had left. “See the hole in the middle of the palm print?!” They didn’t say it, but I understood why they were pointing that out. They were excited because it had looked like Christ’s nail-pierced hands, and they had specifically prayed and anointed this closet to be a prayer closet – a place to meet and talk with Jesus Christ. On …

This Is What I’m Doing

Most days lately, you can find me reading books on racial justice as I sit in an old, plastic, green outdoors chair on my front porch, snug next to the porch rail. My daily reading-potentials (other books that I want to read, but likely won’t) rest on the rail along with a cup of black, dark-roasted coffee. You can find me there even when it’s 91 degrees out. I prefer warmth. But if the mosquitoes are out, likely you won’t find me there. The mosquitoes get on my nerves, and are one of the things that can drive me indoors.

Sometimes my kids drive me indoors, too. Like, if they come out on the front porch five times because they are bored, I usually run away indoors. Or, if they are fighting each other too much and it sounds like it’s about to get bloody and I need to intervene, then I go indoors. I also go indoors for them when I realize it’s about time to eat again and they need me to make something for them. Other than that, they’re pretty self-sufficient these days, and my husband has them on a summer learning schedule that they know they must follow and complete each day.