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I Have A Disease – COVID-19 Quarantine Thoughts – April 4th

Thirty-six minutes. That’s how long it took me to run 5K today. I am getting back into the swing of it. I had been running consistently before the school year started last August, but, with my focus on mastering my career, running had just not been happening. Now, though, since I don’t have to rush home to meet our kids off the bus, and hustle with the evening routine, or take them to extra-curricular activities – and since the professor-husband is home, too, all the time now – I DO have a bit more time. So, I have been using some of the time to get back into running.

During my run today, I was thinking about the below tweet from Trillia Newbell:

Be Still – COVID-19 Quarantine Thoughts – Spring Break

She had moved here for this. Once the night finally arrived and she was nestled into her space – her door-less space in the middle of the upstairs part of the house, which served as the thruway to the stairs and closet – she knew what she had to do. On her very first night at Olive Street, she stole away into the “prayer closet” and knelt down at the couch-thing-y.

The Name – a Sonnet for the Church in the Time of COVID-19 – March 23rd

The Name COVID-19 – the name on tips of tonguesthe world over. My soul’s weary from it.This household name demands breath from the lungsenough. Must I, too, lift voice and submit? Devil’s name glories above holy writ, relentlessly violent, demanding my awe, obedience, and every wit.But Holy Spirit leads, not withstanding the rationale of social …

Good News – COVID-19 Quarantine Thoughts – March 18th

The above video alludes to the scene in Titanic when the ship is sinking, people are panicking and jumping ship, and in the midst of it all, a trio of musicians plays on. While this video is supposed to be funny (and it is funny), I am finding it kind of prophetic for my own …

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